Friday, March 16, 2012

Boom Shakalaka!

Mom and I went shopping ALL. DAY. yesterday, and I was able to buy some *really* cute clothes.
   Next week is the Father/Daughter Retreat, and, once again, we're going - SO - my wardrobe was in great need of help. These outfits are my favorite so far!
   When we got to Winston-Salem, the first thing we did was stop at StarBucks; I got a JavaChip Frappuccino, and mom got a White Chocolate Mocha. We sat outside and enjoyed them, chatting with the occasion of me driving her crazy. ^_^
   SO - check out these new outfits. I thought they were pretty cute. >.< If you actually *look* very hard, you can find stuff that works to be both modest AND stylish. It's just a matter of piecing it together!

- hannah

I probably walked 10 miles yesterday... now I can say with Viktor in his adorable 'Engrish',

I have walked many steps today.”
                                           - Viktor from 'Cafe'

The one I'm currently wearing. ^_^

This is the dress I'm planning on wearing to the tea they have every year; I *love* the green in it!

(I have a thing for shiny stuff. ^_^)

 Cute and casual!

Another C&C. 
(I obviously like this style... can you tell?)

And last but never least, my navy button-up. I adore it...


Anonymous said...

Love your new clothes!! I really like the one your wearing in the second pic and the dress :)
Hey I didn't know you had a guinea pig! Whats his name? haha

Nel x

Hannah Leigh said...


Hahah - his name is Pocky; he's named after a Japanese candy. ^_^ I've had two more before him, but they both died. :P (Names were Hopper and Pippin.)
He's ADORABLE. >.<

- hannah

Abigail Pruence said...

These are all so cute! Hope to see you in some of these awesome outfits in a couple of days!!!! :D :D Squeel!! oh so excited :D

Your friend, Abigail <3