Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Girl

        She's my writing buddy, my evil twin, my fellow smurf-lover, my partner-in-crime, my fellow drawing maniac, my antagonizer, my older sister, my fellow prayer-warrior and Christ-Follower.
        She's my best friend.

She's been around for three years this March 26, and as of yet, we're still finding out new, hilarious things about each other, and it never gets tiring.
She's one of the most precious people in my life, and I love her very much.

She's 5'9 1/2"; I'm 5'5 1/2".
She's a blond; I'm a brunette.
She's witty; I'm a little slower.
She's a Dragon Catcher; I'm a Smurf Snatcher.
She mostly writes fantasy; I write fictional dramas.
She sings well; erm... I don't. ^_^
She can do impersonations; I can't.
She likes Elves; I like Men. (That sounds awkward... she's okay, I promise. >.<)
She LOVES books; I'm not that huge into them. (Honestly... it takes a good 10 minutes to pull her away from a bookshelf!)
She's nearly fearless, unless it's a spider; I'm disturbed by the Disney Alice in Wonderland.
She hates a lot of vegetables; I love them.
It's absolutely *impossible* to embarrass that girl; me, on the other hand? Just say something that I said or thought is sweet or cute, and I blush.
*grin* She knew what 'boom shakalaka' meant... I didn't. =D 

There's way too many difference between us to count, but we're *still* best friends. Our being sold out to Christ is the tie that binds, and everything else; writing, drawing, laughing, hot chocolate, insaneness, dreams, jokes, music, people... all of that follows.

Mirriam - you're the best. I love you, girl! (Even if you DO torture me with evil things... -.-) ^_^
All thanks to Him that we're in each other's lives...
WOW, it's so AMAZING!

- hannah


Autumn said...

Oh my gosh. That is the sweetest , most beautiful post I've read in a long time. :] Friends are amazing.

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I LOVE YOU, HANNAH!!!!!! You're Supercalifradulisticexpialidocious, and don't you ever forget it!!!! *squeal*
Made. My. Day. D'awww...
~ Mirriam

Hannah Leigh said...

Autumn -
haha, thanks. ^_^ We've been sending emails back and forth, *insane emails,* and I was laughing about how close we've gotten. They really are *amazing*.

Mirriam -
D'aaaaaaawwwww!!!!! C'mere, you mean little rascal! (((hugs))) I miss youuuu!
I'm glad it did, 'cause you always make mine. ^_^

- hannah

Maximillian said...

That girl looks familiar for some reason...I wonder why. ;-)
Goodness, she's a whole 2+ inches higher than I am - it gets old having to look up to talk to people, but it's not usually as bad as at my old church, where there were a lot of tall people (a lot of tall girls too), including a girl who's ice years younger than I am but five inches taller - and she always wears several-inch high heels at church. :~\

Hannah Leigh said...

Most probably she looks familiar because you've been exposed to our insaness! XD
Well, I'm 5'5'', so, I *really* have to look up at her! I told her once, "Who needs a guy when you're around? You're tall enough to scare off anybody!" =D

You could always pull the 'short actors' stunt and wear inserts in your shoes... it helps. ^_^

- hannah

Maximillian said...

Hahaha. I can't sing either, so that one of the reasons I prefer to play an instrument at church (although I'm not good at that either).
Well, it's not just about being tall; a friend who went to one of my old churches is 6'5" and he's around 18 - he's relatively skinny though. And the girl I mentioned earlier who's around 6' is very slender indeed and she walks with something like a dignified air usually, so I doubt she could intimidate anyone except for some little kids. :)
No, no inserts in my shoes for me. :P