Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Say WHAT???

I'm leaving, and I'm NEVAH! COMING! BACK!!!
*dramatic music plays*

... okay, it's not that bad.
Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving at around 7:00 AM with dad to go to Callaway Gardens, GA.
(Beware, Mirriam... I'm coming for you. And I'm going to repay every mean thing you've ever said to me... wall dents, lights, and ALL. >:) )
... try not to understand that; only she will. ^_^

I won't be back until late Monday night, so, you won't be hearing from me until then. Aw, now, put those tissues away - it's not like I'm *never* coming back; you can do without my fame for a few days, I'm sure. *grin*

Anyway - figured I'd give you a heads up; just encase you don't get a reply from me or something. (I promise, it's not that I don't like you... if I didn't, I'd let you know. ^_^)
Wish me well, because I'll be in the hands of my Best Friend for the first time in three years there at the Retreat... we met there, you know. >.< (In fact, the 26th is our three year BFF anniversary!!!)
I'm sure she'll do horrible things to me... she'll say something dreadfully mean that sounds totally innocent. That's simply her. =D

So, I say goodbye, chaps and chapesses! My secondary partner in crime, Caroline, will be taking care of publishing comments for me. I can assure you; she's harmless. ^_^ (At least, I think she is... she can, however, say some pretty weird stuff when you're least expecting it. If you ever have a problem with her, just say 'socks', and she'll immediately give you all the space you need. *laughs* I'm KIDDING. She's a dear, sweet little thing that's in love with blond cats. Like I said... perfectly harmless.)

Annyeong, chingu!

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Argentia Krystofel said...

Alright, I'm here to moderate comments for you! :)
Muwahahaha...beware of how much you trust me...I may appear small, harmless, and in love with blonde cats, but in reality, I'm an evil mastermind, set on destroying your blog. >:D

Ahem. :P

Yeah, can't wait for you to be back...this comment is somewhat a test to see if I can approve it properly. :)