Monday, March 5, 2012

Sealed in Ink

        Think about it.
Everything you write is sealed forever in ink. There's no going back, once it bleeds into the paper.
         Journaling is one of the most important things to me - if I lost my journals, all 400 pages in all 3 books, it would be one of the worst devastating blows to me. This is my life. It's recorded in those books. It's written in ink for my girls to read. Some of my thoughts to go my parents, some to my friends, some to me - but nearly all of them go into the journal. I've got stuff in there from a long time ago I wish I hadn't written, and other stuff, I can't wait until my girl reads it - if she's anything like me, she'll think it's hilarious. But for now... for now I want to keep it to myself. I'll occasionally read some to my best friend, occasionally tell mom while we're hanging out in the house what I've been writing - but most of it stays in between pages. Those of you who know me will find this hard to believe, but it's true: I'm a lot like my dad when it comes to life; I'm very quiet and private. (He doesn't want me reading his journal, either! *he's adorable...*) I'm reserved when it comes to letting people know what's going on in my head. I'm quiet and observing - I just want to watch and see what goes on, making mental notes to write out later.
      I'd encourage you to keep a journal - there's only one of you. Write it down.


Nelly said...

Gosh, I should start writing a diary I suppose. I write a log book thing for the horses every day to keep track with whats doing but didn't think of doing a diary for my self. I should! =D
Nel x

Hannah Leigh said...

Haha! Yes, you ought to. It's amazing to look back and read what's been going on; like I said - it's my life, you know? :)

- hannah