Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Love can be a hard thing...
    especially when the person you love is hard to love. If they're unlovely; if they're being rude, or if they don't love you back. 
    There's lots of reasons why it's hard to love. But we're commanded to love. We're commanded to even love our enemies. 
    But Christ loved the unlovely. He loved the rude. And He loves those who don't love Him back; the ones that are in his book, but are still despising Him as of yet.

Love is hard to express.
It takes sacrifice. 
And there's lots of reasons why in the world we live in...

     Whatever your situation is, remember that love is patient, love is kind... it bears all things, believes all things.
Hopes all things. 

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Nelly said...

love this post ;)! x