Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Fun!

EEK! Yesterday, I had an *amazing* time up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We went to Wild Cat Rock with my aunt, uncle, grandma and the pastor's family from church. AAAH! IT WAS SO FUUUN!! The pictures, I think, can tell it better than I can.
   I came back with loads of photos, sunburn, and a heart full of memories. It was fantastic. I hope everyone else that was there has the same feeling. ^_^ I honestly wish I could live it all over again - and when I have that sensation, I know for sure that that moment in time was *very* special.

- hannah

Megan and Christopher

Brother and Sister ^_^

I *love* this picture! My brother didn't have a clue what was going on...

having a Last of the Mohicans moment...

The thoughtful expression.... it has to be...

Megan and Rebekah

Comparing sunburns :P

A shoulder to lean on - YAY!

My lil' brother...

... as he sits by impassively while murder takes place.

Brothers and sisters portrait ^_^

Ah, manly love... they always keep that space between them. XD It's like a negative magnetic force! 

See - no negative magnetic force...

or here, either.



And this one is the *best*. By all means. 
We love you guys so much!!

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Anonymous said...

You put all of my favorites on here; everyone looks great! We had such a LOVELY time with you all and will definitely make some more of those wonderful memories. =)