Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear You...

        Would you love me forever, even though I'm imperfect, and even though I make mistakes - bad mistakes?
        Would you tell me I'm not okay when I say I am, and try to talk to me when I'm not telling you how I feel?
        Would you try to understand, even when I'm angry? Will you tell me when I'm being selfish, and help me to become better?
        Would you talk to me, and tell me what's on your mind? If your heart has been hurt before, would you let me help heal it?
        Would you help me keep us amazing? Keep wanting to be with me even after we've been together for a long time?
        Would you pray with me every morning, and read the Bible with me?
         I'm not asking you to be perfect... just to let me love you forever - after all, you are that special someone.

         Whoever you are.

          If we haven't met yet... wait for me. I don't know you. And even if you *are* in my life, whether nearby or far away, I still have to learn more about you.
          Just wait for me.
          I'll be there to ease your aches and help you unpack.
          I'll be there to love you.
          Just wait...

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