Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last 30 Days of Seventeen

         It's upon me.
         The last 30 days of seventeen have officially arrived today.
         Not quite sure what to think. A little nervous, for some reason; a little excited, too.
         In 10 days, I'll start journaling every day for the next 20 so I'll remember what I've been up to before I turn 18. I did that last year, so, it will be interesting to compare.
         I always get excited when my Birthday approaches; it simply gives me butterflies. It's always an adventure to me. And this year is especially special - my best, most dear, amazing friend is coming up to celebrate with me for the first time in THREE YEARS. (I've seen here since then, of course... it's just her being up here in that period of time.) I get to party it out with her! YAY!
        But, be that as it may... I'll still slip into a thoughtful period, starting today, about my life and becoming another year older. I don't mind at all becoming older - in fact, I enjoy it. To me, it's like opening the Wardrobe door in the first Narnia and entering a new world and stage in my life. That's the feeling I get. Seventeen has been... interesting. I'll be recapping and rereading the things I've written, trying to figure *myself* out.
      God has been very gracious to me, and, hopefully, (I probably shouldn't open my mouth! >.<), I'll live to see another year. I'm so excited, delighted, I won't deny it or fight it: this is just what I need.

     Another adventure.

- hannah

P.S. I found a quote that is *so* true about me (mom LOVED it!):

"I don't need to flirt. I will take you with my awkwardness."

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHSOTRUE! Okay... who here agrees with me? >.< It's bound to happen. The guy I marry will probably be *excellent* at being charming; I'll fall in love with him in no time. ... he'll fall in love with me when I FALL. --.--


Lucas said...

=) I always knew you were a year older than me. I think. Congratulations! Keep growing.

Hannah Leigh said...


Autumn said...

I love your idea of journalling the last 20 days before your birthday. Sounds very lovely and something precious to look back on in years to come.:]