Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things to Do with that Special Someone (2)

          I thought a Summer edition would be fun to put together, so, here it is. ^_^ I had one earlier that was scheduled to go out, as is this one; you can view it here. 
          Since Summer is quite obviously here, I've been inspired to come up with little things to add to my list of things to do with the special person I get to spend the rest of my life with.
         Summer gives me a happy feeling, even though the heat can get tiring. (Hey, but what's ice cream and water fights for?! >.<) I *love* Summer. I really do. I'll complain about the heat and wish it were cooler and stay locked inside on really hot days, but once outside, I really have to just smile and enjoy it. Especially Summer nights - my absolute favorite.
         What's on your list to do?

1. Have a water fight! Get soaked and happy against the hot weather
2. Sing at the top of our lungs to a song over the radio
3. Eat ice cream in the dark
4. Play tag in the rain
5. Wear his clothes
6. Start a pillow fight with him
7. Lay outside one night and stargaze
8. Have lunch outside
9. Get in a mock fight at the pool and shove him in
10. Watch a scary movie with him (and him only... so I can hide behind him!)
11. Slip an ice cube down his shirt >.<
12. Go biking with him
13. Go to the zoo and hang out for however long we want (the last time I was at a zoo was like five years ago, or something to that effect, and I LIKE going to the zoo... I just... never go. --.--)
14. Go to the midnight premier of some movie
15. Watermelon. Enough said. (I have an obsession with it... sorry.)
16. Have a picnic with him somehwere
17. Leave a message on his phone for him to hear at work
18. Dance to a crazy song
19. Go to Baskin' Robbins and try a new flavor
20. Have him help me pick out a Summer dress

That's it for now. Hope I marry someone that likes to shop. ^_^ ... or at least shows some interest. Better than nothing. >.<
Saranghae! (I love you!)

- hannah


Argentia Krystofel said...

Well, I don't know about you, but to me it doesn't matter if I have a special someone, I want to do enjoy my summer just the same! ^^

Most of them, anyway. My biggest summer accomplishments have already been made; it's already become so perfect-afternoons spent walking with Mom down the streets, looking at all the different houses and all the different people. Chautauqua; getting to spend time in all the crowds; eating Peking Chinese food for the first time in 6 years; picking cherries, blackberries, and mulberries, and finally making home-made icecream; watering Mom's garden in the evenings-such a lovely, memorable time to talk, even if it's only 30 minutes. And finally, have you ever driven down the interstate in a 1981 model Ford pickup truck that's falling apart, the windows down, the sun burning on you at 92 degrees, a Mello Yello in your hands, singing to yourself and planning a romance novel's next step? XD It was amazing...and just yesterday.

I guess summer isn't summer without a little romance. ^///^ But mine is still yet happening in books, and probably mostly I find the greatest love and pleasure with that aesthetic beauty and distant nostalgia that I can't seem to live without.


Hannah Leigh said...

Totally true! My Summer is still wonderful without the 'special someone' - and it's not like I'm willing him with all my might to get here. ^_^ Completely know what you mean. Summer is *amazing* no matter what! =D These are just for future reference - you know me... I plan ahead.

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Oh, summer is wonderful! I can't believe I am saying that after the heat index was a 121 today!:/
I really like that pushing him into the pool business...I think I will try that with my man! If he gets mad can I say it was your idea?!? haha, just kidding!

Wishing you a very delightful evening!

Lucas said...

You should start writing the waiver for your yours truly to sign hahaha. I wish I had friends to do summer things with. -terribly funny.