Saturday, June 16, 2012

When Life Starts to Look Like This...

    .... you know you've gone mad. ^_^

Okay, I'm kidding. It's an adorable picture. >.<
Sometimes I feel like that: to much to do, not enough hands to do it with, and still dancing along without a clue as to what's going on with a ditsy grin on my face - my friends can testify.
In fact, I was with a friend a few weeks back down in Georgia, walking around at the outlet mall, and completely on random, took hold of a post as I was walking and swung around it, falling back into step behind him.
I blinked.
"That was ditsy. Sorry."
He just grins, says it was cute, and keeps walking. I'm thinking, "... he just found out I'm crazy. Yay. There's someone else who will now give me a polite smile every time I do something dumb and then go on with their lives, mentally wondering if I'm sane." >.<
Ah, well. What can I say...

There. That's my excuse! ^_^
And - HEY! GET BACK HERE! *jumps up and leaves chair spinning as Viktor goes flying by, screaming like the madman he is* You crazy book character! Where d'you think you're going?! *finally catches him by grabbing his arm*
He points in the direction of my quote, eyes wide.
"So THAT'S what you're doing to me! You're saying I'm imperfect?"
*lets him go and steps back*
Yes, you *are* imperfect. That's why you're absolutely gorgeous. Get over it.
"But - " *cuts him off by squeezing him in a hug*
Go on, genius. Make my day.
"Uhm... what?"
*grabs his hand*
Lets go get lunch!
"Uh - "
Sorry, Viktor - you know I'm going to baby you.
"UH..." *blinks* "... Okay."
*hits publish and waves you all off*
My apologies, chaps. If I get a chance to talk with my characters, I must take it. It's always enlightening. ^_^ BYE!
*meets Viktor at the door*
"C'mon! What're you hungry for?"
"Uh... " *pushes hand through brown hair* "Scrambled eggs."
What? No strawberries?
*laughs his deep laugh, pulling car keys from his pocket*
"Uh, no... not today."
Me: *bolts towards the car*
I'm driving!
*Viktor throws himself against the driver's side door, keeping me from opening it*
"You're a minor!"
I am NOT! I'll be eighteen in less than two months!
"... that's a minor."
Just 'cause you're older doesn't make me a minor.
*crickets in background as we stare each other down*
*is not sure if I can take his intense stare*
...oh FINE. DRIVE. Be that way.
"I will," he smirks, stepping into the car. "Thanks."


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