Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Outing 2012

     Hi everyone! 
     Yesterday, mom and I went to Winston-Salem to do my birthday shopping; we go down every year and goof off from early morning until late evening. We had a blast! 
     First off, we get a StarBucks coffee - HOWEVER - since StarBucks has gone gay, I'm not putting my money towards them anymore. Right before they officially announced it, mom had recharged my card with like 25 dollars - SO - we decided to use up what was on the card, since the money was already gone, and after that... *sniff*... no more StarBucks coffee. T.T (Curse you, you evil thing!!! *waves fist*) ... anyway. For some odd reason, the Barns&Nobel/StarBucks won't take my card, so we went to a free standing StarBucks and I got my coffee there using the card; a Java Chip Frappuccino with extra whipped cream. Bliss. 
    I then took *that* into the Barns&Nobel/StarBucks, found me a little two person table, made myself comfortable, and began to write in Cafe. 

   The atmosphere was perfect - quite, the aroma of coffee brewing, people talking in the background. Just what I needed for the scene I was working on. 
   Then the fun started. 
   This older lady had come in at some point, myself not noticing because of the turn of events unfolding on my notepad. She set up across from me, pulling out books and a laptop, sipping on her own drink. She was probably in her mid 60s, and very sweet looking. (Yes, a 60 year-old with a laptop... shocking, right? ;)
   She kept glancing over at me, but I continued with what I was doing. Now, I probably should give you an idea of how I was looking, because according to her, this is partially what she based her deduction off of: I was wearing a white t-shirt with a form fitting button up vest over it, the type that has a deep v-neck, and a black knee-length skirt with white floral pattern on it, and my white heels. There. 
  At the least expected moment, she leans over and says, 
  "Excuse me, miss - are you a writer?" 
  A huge smile appeared on my face as I set my pen down. 
  "Well... an amateur writer, I guess; I'm not published yet."
  She laughed, setting her book down.
  "Oh! You just looked *so* much like a writer sitting there, coming up with some new best-seller novel in that adorable outfit!" 
  Me: nearly squeals in delight. "Thank you! I hope it'll be a best-seller one day!" 
  We continued to talk for a couple of minutes, her asking what name she should look for if I ever publish, asking what the book was called, and asked for a brief synopsis, to which all I answered. (Except the synopsis part... I gave her probably a millionth of an inch to save my plot line. ^_^)
  I told her I was currently writing a couple of books, to which she was thrilled, and then the best part came.
 "Well," she said, shuffling through her bag for a notebook, "if I never see you again, can I go ahead and get your autograph?" 
 Me: ... "ABSOLUTELY!" *mentally thinking:* I'm signing for a book that's still in it's earliest draft form?! You have GOT to be kidding me!
  It was SO exciting! AH! Made. My. Day. A writer's ultimate thrill. *sighs dreamily* ^_^

  After that adventure, mom came to pick me up and we went on to lunch; we picked a Chinese restaurant not too far away, enjoyed the food, and then headed on Asia Grocery, where we bought a cartload of stuff for my Birthday. (I'll be fixing Japchae tonight! WOOT! Can't wait!) 
  ... shoot. I just thought of something I forgot. Pocky. --.-- *takes sip of water* Oh well. Life will go on, Pocky or no. ^_^
  Anyway. After that, to the mall. We didn't get much of a chance to look around, but we went into Forever21 to hunt for some things. Unfortunately, I didn't come out with anything interesting. (though I'm going back next month to buy some *beautiful* skirts they had there; I didn't have a chance to try them on this time round, so hopefully next time.) HOWEVER - I did meet this Korean couple; they were *so* cute! The guy was wearing a pink shirt, waving a hand-held fan in front of his face and his girlfriend (now she was *adorable*!!!) After hearing some of what they were saying, I was pretty sure it was Korean. 
  "Excuse me," I said shyly, hoping I was write. He turned around and smiled.
  "Pardon my asking, but are you Korean?" 
  He grinned, nodding and still waving that fan. 
  "Oh yes, I'm for Korea. She's from Korea, too."
  Me: YES! They speak English! "Oh, that's neat! I'm learning Korean, and I overheard you guys talking, so I thought I'd ask."
  We talked for a couple of minutes, and they were so polite to answer my questions. Although, like an idiot, I totally froze up and didn't manage to say anything to them in Korean... --.-- missed my chance. T.T 
  But, nonetheless, it was pretty epic. 

  After that, we went to Plato's Closet and got some REALLY cute clothes. Once again, there wasn't a lot of time, so I bought a couple of t-shirts and a blazer that I really liked. (Here's a couple of pictures):

    And to top it all off, we went to Coldstone Creamery and sat around eating *amazing* ice cream. Absolutely delicious. Again this year, mom took my picture at the same table we're always at... here's a mini-timeline!




     Thanks for the GREAT time, mom! I enjoyed spending the day with you! (((hugs!)))
     And thanks to my Grandma for getting me the birthday money to spend. ^_^ 
     AND to dad for letting us go, lol. >.< 

Love you all!

- hannah


Autumn said...

Oh my gosh! That incident with the sweet old lady just made my day! I have always believed that what you wear reflects who you are inside. I am typing this with a big smile on my face, that's how happy its made me to read about your charming day. Happy birthday!
P.s. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hannah!!!!!!!!!
Looks like you had a fab day :) I love the photos of you in the past years,(you've always been so pretty!)
I really want to email you Hannah but I don't know your email address!! ;(
Anyways, Love that blazer by the way, =P

Nelly xx

my email:

Hannah Leigh said...

Autumn - Aaw! I know! It's just so adorable; thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I believe the same, too... which is why I thought that outfit would work for a writing day. ^_^

Nelly - Thanks! My Birthday is actually on the 28th, but thank you for the wishes! I'll email you NOW! XD

- hannah

Maximillian said...

Why hello there, old friend; long time no speak. :) I've all but disappeared from the blogger world and have hardly kept up with any blogs (including my own) recently - except for a few WordPress blogs like Mirriam's since they have the option of subscribing via e-mail...the fact that the only Internet access I have at home is my iPhone's 2GB data plan is quite a nuisance (I'm always happy whenever I get to a place that has free WiFi nowadays).
First of all, happy early birthday Hannah!
I see you still like Korea/Koreans just as much as ever. ;-)
I suppose you'll want some news, so here's a very brief update:
My cute calf (officially Buttercup, but I called her Micro Moo) was found dead last Sunday, which was very sad; she was a sweet little creature. :(
Also, I took the ASVAB yesterday and got a good score, so I'll be off to boot camp to join the Navy later this year or early next it looks like I may still be able to go to that conference in Asheville in October or November (the Wheat conference, or something like that) with the rest of my family.
I think that's about all the news I have worth telling right now...have a great 18th birthday! (and thank Mirriam for mentioning it, because I'm afraid I'd forgotten your birthday; what she said in her latest blog post reminded me.

Hannah Leigh said...

Max -
Hiiii! So good to hear from you! I'm glad you're doing fairly well, but I'm so sorry to hear about your calf; I saw the picture you had posted - she was so cute! Do you know what happened?
And thanks for the birthday wishes! Mirriam is actually supposed to be arriving at my house in about an hour and a half - I'm SO excited! (It's been four months since I've seen her!)
You're joining the NAVY?! MAX! Be careful, would you? What part of the Navy are you thinking about joining? I had no idea you were thinking about that; how does the rest of your family feel?
I hope you keep doing well - keep fighting! You'll be alright.

Thank you!
- hannah

Maximillian said...

Thanks Hannah; no, I'm not sure what happened - she may have been choked by the tether line perhaps, but I'm nt not sure. That's nice; it must be great to see her again. Hm, I've still yet to meet her and haven't seen you in years...maybe someday. Thank you, but of all goes well, I shouldn't have a dangerous job at all, and I shouldn't even need to work outside of the US; if I get a high enough score in the schools I'll go through to be able to get the job I want, I should be doing fairly well. If I don't pass, I could be assigned to a job I don't like for four years, such as doing something on a ship, so failure is not an option. I'm trying to be a CTN, sort of a computer security/hacker kind of guy. My parents (primarily my dad) actually suggested joining the military to get this job to me; I haven't been able to get a job, and even if I could/can, it would probably be something that doesn't pay well, doesn't help much with my future, and something I wouldn't really like, so the option I'm pursuing seems to be the best I've found: I'll have a steal easy career that can pay fairly well, lots of valuable experience that'll allow me to get good jobs after the military, and this job would allow me to have a family and not have to leave them for months at a time, so it'll be ok if if I get married in the next seven years or so. I just need to make sure I do well in those schools after I join...
Well, have fun with Mirriam and have a great birthday!

Timeless Trinkets said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!! It's so hard to believe you are 18 years old. Time seems to go by so fast!
Mrs. Blankenship