Monday, July 9, 2012


       Today I was looking through 'The Gang' file in my pictures...
We've been together for eight years.
We haven't always gotten along.
We've argued, but I think we've laughed more.
We're like a family.
We've changed a *lot*.

       We still take pictures together...

             We've gotten older and developed our personalities...

We still pick on each other and take crazy photos...

 We still do a whole lot of smiling and laughing...

                             Some of us have gotten WAY taller! 0_0


         Sometimes it's still a love/hate relationship... ^_^

 But in the end, year by year, we still love each other.
Our relationships for each other are stronger than ever, and with that, our love for Christ gets bigger. 
And, you know, it works the opposite more often than not. As our love for Christ grows, our love for each other grows....

We're not perfect, but He is.

I love you guys. 


William Anderson/Neo ;-) said...

Wow... This may be the only picture that exists that I actually look decent in... Thanks for posting it haha :-)

Hannah Leigh said...

William! HI! How's the ENFJ doing? Haven't heard from you since conference.
Yeah, that's a pretty cool picture - we'll have to keep taking one every year!

Thanks so much for commenting!
- hannah

P.S. Tell Molly and Courtney I said 'hello'!

Cylleruion Gwaithovorn said...

Wow....that certainly shows the passage of time. What I always find so interesting is that in my memory people are always as they are right now.

Hannah Leigh said...

I know! It's kinda scary!! *especially when you started getting taller than me... --.--* XD
And THANKS for a COMMENT! *hugs* >.< See you on Sunday!

- hannah

P.S. You'd better take me up on the blue jeans... all I ever see is cargo pants and slacks. ^_^

William Glenn said...

I'd love to see some of your poetry sometime by the way... I'm kinda a poetry and writing fanatic myself haha :-) I'd be happy to send you some. As to how I am, I am super sleep deprived and super busy, which is why I haven't gotten in touch sooner. I thought summer was supposed to be easier than school haha... I guess not. Anyways I'm enjoying the blog, thx!
In Christ,

Hannah Leigh said...

Sure! I just don't have your email. :P If you give it to me, and don't want the address published, leave it in a comment and I'll just delete it after I write it down. Do you write stories? You've probably seen some of my excerpts from "Cafe" up here. If you're interested, I can send you the first rough draft.

Have a good day!
- hannah

William said...

Bad timing.... I'm having to set up a new e-mail and I'm being lazy about it, but I'll give it to you once I have it haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah - wow what a flashback! So neat to see the changes and even more exciting to watch how God has worked in you and my other friends. To see you grow in Him is one of the most beautiful things in the whole wide world.

Love you girl,

PS Fighting right along side w/ you!

Hannah Leigh said...

William -
Oh, okay! No problemo. Hope to hear from you soon! I believe you already have my address; it was on the card I gave you. :)

Megan -
D'aaaww! Same to you! Yeah, it's pretty amazing. For some odd reason, every time I pull all of these old pictures up, I get all giddy and excited. ^_^
Love you!

- hannah

Argentia Krystofel said...

Oh, wow, it's always really neat to see these old pictures and compare them with right now!!! It's a little bit of sad with a little bit of happy, and a lot of excited because I get to see the way we've grown and changed.

As summer vacation continues, it's amazing to watch as so many things happen; new developments that affect our characters and our decisions. Not all of it is good and not all of it appears beneficial right now, but, y'know, Romans 8:28. :)


Hannah Leigh said...

Argentia -
I know what you're talking about. It's happy and sad AND thrilling all at the same time. You gotta wonder where this is all going, you know?

Ah, Romans 8:28... why does this sound so familiar? ;) Thanks. <3

- hannah

P.S. ... I think I should now give JS pink hair and overalls... --.-- JOKE.