Thursday, August 9, 2012


"Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding..."


Nelly said...

Hannah, I need you to please urgently pray for my little darling Down Syndrome nephew (4), Johnny who is critically ill in Melbourne Hospital. He was flown down 2 weeks ago and since has not improved much at all :( He has pneumonia with one collapsed lung and the other very iffy too. He is a very sick little bub who needs as manny prayers as he can get. Please pray for his mum and his dad (my bro) who are sick with worry :( All we can do is leave it up to God to take care of him and pray that he will recover soon.
Thanks xx

Argentia Krystofel said...

It's a valuable verse, that's for sure. Though it teaches us humility, it also gives us a solution to the desperate helplessness that humilty gives us. When I feel the weakest, most foolish, least intelligent and completely hopeless human being, this verse will sometimes come creeping into my mind. It reminds me that although I am sinful and therefore imperfect, He is perfect and knows better than I do. I don't have to lean on my flawed understanding; I can lean on His. I don't have to trust in myself; I trust in Him and there I find safety and assurance.

It's a great verse. ;)