Thursday, September 6, 2012

20 Things to do with that Special Someone (Fall Edition)

 Hello, world!
    It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long - too many things to do, too little time!
    Time has kept ticking while I've been away, and so has my brain, thankfully. I've come up with more things to do with that poor person that'll spend the rest of his life with such an emotional odd-ball as myself. ^_^ (I hope he's patient and not easily fazed by a girl's breakdown teary reaction to dropping a glass in the kitchen floor, crying like a soul had just been lost... >.<) Yes... I have those days.

   ANYWAY - I've done two other posts regarding "20 Things", so this shouldn't be much of a surprise to you. I established my thoughts in the first one, so I won't repeat them here again.
   Autumn is quickly approaching. In fact, there's already leaves beginning to turn - it's really beautiful. You probably already know that Fall is my favorite time of year - absolute FAVORITE! I adore it... therefore, I want to be able to share that favorite time with my Special Someone in all sorts of ways.

1. Make homemade hot chocolate and put lots of whipped cream on top
2. Go for evening walks in the cold and wrap my arms around him
3. Listen to music together
4. Pull an all-nighter... ON THE WEEKEND. ^_^
5. Steal his hoodie and be wearing it when he comes back from work >.<
6. Dance to One Direction's Forever Young... this is my newest favorite song right now; it's SO PRETTY. T_T (I also don't know a *whole* lot about this group, so don't think I completely support them or anything;)

7. Go to the mall one day and just goof off and do silly things
8. Spend a late afternoon in a coffee shop, asking questions, getting to know each other even better. I want to marry my best friend (NOT the female best friend, haha:P), and it's hard to know someone truly unless you aren't.
9. Watch a looong movie and fall asleep on the couch
10. Take pictures of him - lots of pictures. >:)
11. Take him clothes shopping and be his stylist for the day! *grin*
12. Throw an armful of leaves at him and then run away giggling >.<
13. Take turns on a "boss" date-night - one night he gets to decide what I wear, everything from shoes to jewelry; another night I get to do the same. Either can pick themes, and the other has to stick exactly to what he or she has said. I know what theme I'M picking. >:)
14. Buy him an expensive cologne
15. Buy a box of assorted chocolates and take turns trying different ones to figure out what we like and what we don't
16. Go outside one night and talk about anything and everything and have a prayer time for each other
17. Play a furious game of hide-and-seek in the dark
18. I hope he keeps a journal, because one afternoon I want to break out the journals and go through them just for fun. It'd be nothing but hilarious embarrassment. ^_^
19. Go through old memories or funny stories, remembering the silly things we used to do
20. Make a list of each other's quirks and habits that we find endearing.


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