Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top of the World

      Hello, chaps and chapesses!
      Yesterday, I went to the top of the world.
      Well... almost. ^_^ I went to Grandfather Mountain near Linville, North Carolina. We had a really good time and were gone all day. Dad's training for a 100 mile bike ride, and we're sorta his road crew; yesterday was 75 miles, and Grandfather Mountain was the nearest-to-location-interesting-thing-to-see.
      Check out the pictures!

Passing dad on the road

My lovely mother. ^_^

Hm. Somehow, I'm not convinced...

These bears were hilarious!

DONE with 75 miles!

AhHA... the mile high bridge...

 Nathan clinging onto the rocks for dear life

I'll be fine... as long as I don't have a Last of the Mohicans moment. ^_^

We brought along Rushdoony to enjoy the view. He wasn't very fond of the heights, though. XD

The Thinker

"I got it!"

"'Scuse me, Dr. R., but what exactly are you trying to say?" 

Yours truly... the devious duo.

We then went to a picnic sight afterwards, and stayed until around sunset.

Myself rendering a picture of a veined neck... I have a thing for them, you know. >.<

Myself, Nathan and Rebekah then went for a walk and came up with some... strange... pictures. :)

Like this one.... not sure what the story is behind THAT. 0.o

Nathan wearing my leather jacket... >.--

And that's about the end of the story... until we do 100 miles next week. ^_^


Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful picture of your mom, I saved it on my computer!
And the Rushdoony pics are fabulous - absolutely made me laugh and brightened my day!

Love yuns,

Timeless Trinkets said...

Beautiful pictures! I admire your Dad for being so diligent!

Anonymous said...

omg Hannah! Are they like real bears?! I thought they like ripping people a part?! I would b so scared!!
Cool, good luck to your dad!! Shore he'll do awesome!
And ALL the photos are gorgeous!!! xxxx your bro with the jacket!!!!!! hahaha

Hannah Leigh said...

Megan- Ha! Yeah, I like that one too. ^_^ So glad you liked the Rushdoony pix! My favorites. ;)

Timeless Trinkets -
Thanks! I enjoyed this trip to Grandfather Mountain way more than I did the last one, haha. ;D

Nelly -
Whoa! Hold up! They're behind a big fence! =D I would never get that close if they weren't!