Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm currently in the process of drawing this face.
This face. Who's face?
I don't know who's face it is. It looks familiar to me, but not quite; it's like, as I just recently read out of my friend's novel, "an echo without a voice".
I realized as I was adding the little details to him, making him unique in his own way, that every time I draw someone and begin the meticulous process of shading, adding fine hairs to the brows or lines to the lips, that in a sense, they're being brought to life.
The gift of drawing is an amazing thing. God has a place for art, and it should be used like He intended.
If you're an artist, you know what I'm talking about.
With every stroke of the pencil we breathe life into the thing portrayed on paper.
God is an artist - and He breathed life into us.


Timeless Trinkets said...

Well done Hannah!!! Good job on the eyes and nose. I find noses to be almost impossible to draw. Keep up your drawing- the more you draw the better you get. I use to draw- wish I hadn't stopped, but life happens. My only artistic outlet these days is making jewelry(it pays$).

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah,

That looks really good. I have never tried to draw a whole face before, but have tried different features. I know how hard it is, you've put a lot of work into that.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts about art too!


Hannah Leigh said...

Timeless Trinkets -
Thank you! The nose on this guy was particularly hard. I attempted a less prominent nose but that didn't seem to work on his defined jaw. Now all I need is a name for him. :P
Thanks again!

Megan - Thanks! Funny the things you can think of while doing something like that. :)
See you tonight!

- hannah

Lucas said...

Name him Gabriel Price. XD he looks like him
(he is a guy in my book). Buttttttt....he gets killed. :/
I kill a lot of people. He's a good guy though.

Lucas said...

Oh and when I saw this picture I though of when Alex and Rose bury him with rocks. He Is dead with his eyes closed . . . .But he lived a full life.

Hannah Leigh said...

Aaw, that's sad. :( And I don't even know the character! :P Like the name, though. Yeah that's a problem I've got with Cafe; I can't *quite* decide who to kill if I should kill ANYONE. 0_0

Lucas said...

Ohhhhh. Well kill everyone that must die and leave the rest. I kill a few people who don't need to die buttttt I kinda want the reader to cry. I'm mean

Hannah Leigh said...

That's the problem, though... I can't think of anyone who must die except one good guy and... wait... I DON'T EVEN KILL MY BAD GUYS! 0_0 *this is a problem*