Friday, February 8, 2013

Learning To Play

     Did you know that there's an instrument we all play? And further more, did you know that we even play it every day? It's probably the most difficult instrument to learn; thousands upon thousands of notes, chords and keys.

     This is the instrument we play. I've been playing it for 18 years, and I'm nowhere near close to having it perfected. I've hit way too many sour notes to count, but practice makes perfect, and even if you do hit a note that's not quite right, to keep on playing is your best choice.
     Life has a funny way of sitting in the corner and gathering dust if we don't practice and play it every day. It sits alone and we walk past it; we do our work around it - sometimes we barely even glance at it. It's something we have to work at and strive for every day. There's no getting around it. If you don't, you've wasted so much you could have had. You either leave it sitting, or you pick it up and play.
    I hope desperately that you decide to play.


Maximillian said...

This was nicely written and very true. :)

I see you also play the guitar.

Hannah Leigh said...

Thanks, Max. =D
Well, I'm *learning* to play guitar. :) My brother's teaching me.