Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Thought....

 It's time for me to rant! Haha.... I have a thought that I want to speak. Something that's bugging me. And it's an issue with our culture.
Okay, so I was just on Pinterest a few minutes ago, and practically everything that came up was some hot, muscled up cowboy (who really isn’t…) shirtless, sweaty, hat cocked back, jeans slung low, saddle slung over his back as he carries it, and a horse following behind….
Me: *blinks slowly* … am I supposed to like that or something?
Why do these people think the guys have to have hulk-like muscles to be attractive? I’m not seeing it. (And I’m as straight as you can get, mind you.) I saw another one of three ‘firefighters’ who were SHIRTLESS - get that - and heroically walking away from their firetruck. Some lady leaves a comment, “Looks like its time to burn my house down!” And I’m sitting here wondering what happened to the well dressed, clean cut guy with a shy smile and a good heart.
But NOOOO, everything has to be muscle and hotness and studness… is that a word? >.— I don’t think it is, but I’ll use it anyway. ^_^
Don’t give me pounds of muscle - give me someone who does care about their body, but cares more about their soul.
Don’t give me nothing but hotness - give me a man that has a true heart and a hotness that comes not from hours of working on their bodies, but generates quietly from their personalities.
And don’t give me a stud - give me a true man who cares.
And I’m totally not against making anything hot between a married couple - I’M ALL FOR THAT! - But I am against how women are viewing men today. They’re viewing them as what men have been accused of viewing us: toys.
There's nothing wrong with a good lookin' guy and a good lookin' girl, but when when it's idolized into THAT.... it's gone way too far.
Anyway, just needed to get that off my mind. It's irritating me.


Abby said...

I totally agree with what you say.
The culture today is not godly or acceptable to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah,

I know what you mean and when I see that kind of thing it saddens me too. As you mentioned in a previous post - do people see beauty in us, a beauty of the heart? And if we keep striving for that as ladies, maybe the men we meet will be challenged to be gentlemen.

Hannah Leigh said...

Abby - it's good to hear from you! And I agree with your statement. :)

Megan - agreed. Obviously, I don't at all dislike a handsome chap, but when it gets to the trashy "oh, look at my abs!" point, I'm like, "...seriously?" :P Sure, good bodies are great for both sexes, but STAHP FLAUNTING THEM! haha

Laura Hilley said...

I completely understand your viewpoint. I can hardly stand looking at all these muscle bound men, I want someone who is handsome from the inside. I don't care about outsides. Oh, by the way, hi Hannah,it's Laura from childhood.

Hannah Leigh said...

Wow! Laura! Long time no see! (Or talk, for that matter...)
How are you?! Please email me when you get the chance, girl! It's been ages! (((hugs)))
(and Im' happy to know you agree with that point of view!)

Love you!
- hannah