Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aaaand - She's Back!

     In which the writer returns.
     As you can all see.

     I've been gone to the Father/Daughter Retreat for the past four days, and got home safely last evening at around 5:30. We had a good time, but only got to go bike riding once, which was Sunday afternoon; it was rainy and cold the other days. I figure this is probably best told in pictures, (which I very much enjoyed taking, by the way ^_^), so please enjoy them. Also - when we got there, a bunch of the rooms were still under renovation, so for no extra charge we got put in one of the cottages. O_O It was *really* nice; almost like a mini-house.
     When we went bike riding, we rode about 7-ish miles round trip... and I haven't been on a bike since LAST year, so my legs are dying this day, lol. =D 


Timeless Trinkets said...

Beautiful pictures! Wow- the blue butterfly is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Where's the annual picture with the Botkin girls? Love the pics of you and your daddy.