Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Outing

So, I've been camping for the past few days. It was /freezing/, but I did enjoy sitting by the fire, writing letters, and drinking hot chocolate. The weather was beautiful as well. I got sick yesterday though, so mom took myself and two other siblings home, then she went back so her and dad could have some time. I'm feeling a bit better today, all bundled up in a hoodie and sipping coffee; I think it's just a cold and will go away soon.
Sorry I've been absent for so long; life's keepin' me busy.

Love to you all <3

- hannah


Abigail Sitter said...

Dawww this is so adorable <3 God bless you and your family, each of you are super special and God did something amazing when he put your family together. Your so beautiful Hannah, never forget that <3 Is Nathan reading Do Hard Things?

Anonymous said...

Hannah looks like you had a great time!! :) still waiting for your email :( miss talking to you!! xx - Ellen

Wallace Alves said...

That's so awesome.

Anonymous said...

That looks like toughing it kind of camping! :) Sorry you got sick and hope you feel better soon.


Hannah Leigh said...

Abigail - Hiya! Daaaaaaaw thank you so much :) No, he's reading a biography... not sure which one. Love ya :)

Ellen - Heeeeeyyy! I didn't get an email? I'll send you one soon!

Wallace Alves - Hi there! Are you new to my blog? I don't think I've seen you before. Thanks for stopping by! We had a pretty good time :)

Megan - Haaaaaa no, not really. ;) I'm feeling much better, thank you. <3

- Hannah