Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

     Merry Christmas everyone!! So, it's the end of Christmas Day... I really can't believe it. I'm sitting here in the den with the family by the fire, watching A Christmas Carol and blogging on my new laptop. I had a very good day today... just a bit tired, and looking forward to a good nights sleep. We opened presents last night, and I got some very nice things; seems like my mom is getting better at picking things out for me! We went to church today for our Christmas service, and had a very nice time there. It was good to spend the day with friends and enjoy each others company. I took quite a few pictures both last night and today, so please enjoy, and again, Merry Christmas. ("And God bless us, every one!")

- the writer

 Myself and my little friend Alayna

Myself and Elliott 

 My wonderful gifts! A great clock, a jar of coconut oil all to myself, a customizable travel mug, a packet of hazelnut coffee, natural body scrub and facial cleansers, Keep Calm and Carry On plaque, natural soap, organic shampoo, an adorable espresso cup candle, and three sketchbooks.


And finally, a beautiful mounted photo.


Blythe said...

Oooo, sounds like a very happy day!
haha, I got my very own jar of coconut oil too! :)

Anonymous said...

merry Christmas to you to !
it was a lot of fun .
hope you had a wonderful Christmas