Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Letter From a Friend

     i was cleaning out my desk drawers today, and i found an old letter from a very dear friend, and it made me think that in a day of emails, folders, and glowing screens, we should write more letters. if this had been an email, i would have lost it a long time ago, but today, i have it in my hands...

"Dear Hannah - 
I was just re-reading the "True Friends" book you gave me and had the sudden urge to tell you what a great friend you are! I hope we're still true friends when we're grown and married. 

You make me laugh when I'm feeling sad, 
You make me seem good 
when I feel all bad. 

No matter what happens
through thick and through thin, 
I'll always treasure
the great friend you've been.


     i'm so glad i have this, and i can fold it up, place it back in the envelope, and when i need a kind word from a caring person, i can pull it out and re-read it once more. 
    let's write more letters. they really are worth it. 

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