Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July

     hi everyone!! i hope you all had an amazing fourth of july. we did; we had 40 + people over and got to shoot off fireworks. the boys had their annual army men battle once again, and nathan, although he couldn't participate, had a grand time being able to shout out orders from the chair he was in. friday morning, three hours before everyone was supposed to arrive, although one family already had to help set up the army men, nathan cut his leg with a box cutter, which resulted in a trip to the emergency room. thankfully, it wasn't a bad cut, and he was well enough to hobble around a bit on crutches and enjoy the evening.
     the fireworks were great, and i think everyone enjoyed their time; i hope they did. life is going far to fast not to enjoy things like this.

and an extra picture from the 5th; a friend of mine spent the night and we went to the 4th of July parade down town on the next day.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures of the boys attacking makes me laugh every time.