Saturday, August 9, 2008

All The Pretty Little Ponies

All the Pretty Little Ponies: I have always loved that song, so I found this video to post on here.
It wasn't exactly the version of the song that I wanted (this one is from Flicka, if I'm not mistaken.)
Anyway, it was the only one that I could find.
Please comment!



Joelle said...

Very pretty! I have always liked that song as well.

Autumn said...

Very nice!!!!
On the modesty poles, I can't really vote because I believe several of those choices are modest, but I guess I'll wait till morning.

See you,

Rose said...

Thanks Autumn and Joelle!
Glad you liked it!
(And Joelle, have you seen Prince Caspian?)


Julia said...

Hi there,

Pretty ponies! :) Neat song....I'd never heard it.
So when are the photo results coming out?
No hurry....just wondering...

Marie said...

Don't worry, i wont let a comment stop me from talking about what you believe.
how have you been?

Rose said...

Hi Julia!
Er, I'm going to try and get them out sometime this month...I know that I said August first, but we've been a bit busy!
Sorry about the wait, I'll try and get them out soon, I know you're anxious! :)


Rose said...

Hello Marie,

I've been doing fine, how about you?
I'm already looking forward to next year's Conference....are you?


Marks of Faith said...

Loved the video! I sing this song (different version) to my newborn son, Cromwell, sometimes. He has two "ponies", which he can dream about. A Palomino, Star, and a Chestnut, Kate. Thanks for sharing.

Rose said...

Thanks for the comment!
I do love that song, my mom used to sing it to me when I was a baby!