Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Red Is Better!!!

Red is better! He is now walking normal and is getting around good.
He's not limping, but when he puts his leg down to take a step, it's a bit wobbly...but who cares as long
as he's able to walk well??? :)
Thank you to the girls who put the previous post on their blogs!



Julia said...

Oh Good,
I am so glad Red is better! I prayed, though I didn't have time to post about it on my blog, my apologies. Praise the Lord!! :)

Rose said...

Thanks so much Julia!
(And don't worry about not posting it on your blog...That perfectly fine!:)


Texan by the Grace of God said...

Hey Hannah,
I am so glad that he is doing better!
I hope he keeps on the up climb. I know how hard it is to have a hurt horse.


Savannah said...

God is soooo good!!!

Rose said...

YES HE IS!!!!!