Saturday, August 30, 2008


Alright girls, I'll be heading over to the Auction at 4:00 PM.
My mom and I went over early to look at the horses, and I got to ride Boston; he's nice, but I think that I fell in love with another: meet Molly, the 17-year-old Belgian Draft horse!
She's as gentle as a lamb, and so tall, that if I stretch my arms all the way, I c
an't even touch her

ear-tips! This picture does NOT do her justice!

Here's a picture that shows how tall a man is compared to a Belgian Draft:

These are some other horses that we're considering:

Boston: 4-year-old gelding Paint.

Dolly: 6-year-old Quarter Horse mare.

Golden Girl: 2-year-old Buckskin mare.

and Liberty Bell: 4-year-old Paint mare.

Please pray that we'll at least get one of them!



Savannah said...

WOW Hannah!!!
They are all so beautiful,I don't know how I could pick:)I hope you get the right one!!I will be praying.
Thanks for the Announcement!!!
Savannah Lynn

Madison said...

I'll pray!! Please tell us if you can this afternoon if you get one of them!! :-D


Julia said...

Ohhh, they're all so pretty! I like Boston and Molly the best! Molly sounds like a very very sweet horse...I love draft horses, they're so BIG! :) And sturdy.