Monday, September 15, 2008

Crusaders by Harry-Gregson Williams

Who is familiar with Harry-Gregson Williams?
I like most of his music, and I just added one of his pieces-Crusaders- to the bottom of my
Playlist. Please scroll down to the bottom and click it; what do you envision? Let me know,
this is just a fun experiment that I'm playing is VERY powerful, and I've decided to
do a test on my blog readers to get their opinions on the music; how it effects them and what they see
in their mind when listening to it.

I'm starting with "Crusaders" because, if you don't like it, I probably won't leave it on my blog
for long (even though I love this piece), it just doesn't seem fitting for this blog! :)

Next week I'll move on to the first piece of music at the top of the Playlist, so be sure to check back often!



Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah... What a powerful song!!!
This might seem funny, but I manly envisioned Queen Esther gathering the courage that she needed to stand before the king and beg for her peoples' lives.

What a great idea!
CIA- Christians In Action

Rose said...

Thanks Cassie! <3


Joelle said...

I think that is a really cool song! I totally envision a very passionate battle. And I can definitely see myself in the movie theater getting very scared listening to this song. I really do like it!......