Friday, September 19, 2008

Crusaders and Musical Mondays...

Hello again.
I must say, I was quite disappointed when only one person commented on my last post!
(*Crosses arms* Where are all you girls at anyway?!:)
You have two days left to post a comment about "Crusaders" by Harry-Gregson Williams, because on
Monday, I am going to put up another song (or pick one already on my playlist) for you to judge.

Every Monday, I hereby name "Musical Monday"! I will be posting new pieces of music and you will be the judge. i.e. Tell me what you think about that piece; what you see when you listen to it, how you feel when you hear it....just write it down on the comment forum!

PLEASE comment! :)




Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea Hannah! I'll do my best to comment on every song. :) What's new with you? I just got A+ on a big Science test and for my vocal lessons I just picked the song that I'm going to sing at my next recital. I chose 'Candle on the Water' I'm so excited!
CIA - Christians In Action

Rebecca Marie said...

Hi Hannah,
I am so sorry that I did not post sooner I had started but something must of happened and it get closed because I had thought I had posted but guess not.

When I listen to the song since it is about the crusaders I think of them so first I see the crusader army marching through the desert hills with there armor and banners bravely streaming in the wind yet they stagger they are very weary with the hot sun beating down on them. Then up on a hill before them the enemy appears and charges down on them. It turns into a ragging battle as one army strives with the other then quickly the battle is over the enemy had ridden off as fast as they came it was but a raid to exhaust the crusaders more and the crusaders are left to look over the dead cover them with the sand and then with grim determination march on towards Jerusalem more exhausted and sad at the loss of more of there brave comrades. Then after there long day they start to brake for camp.

Maybe I have to much imagination but that is what I see when I hear it. I am glad you put it on I really like it.
I will try to be a bit more prompt in the future with my thoughts on your songs that you have up for judging.

Your friend
Rebecca Marie

Madison said...

Don't you absolutely hate it when only one person comments? I get that ALL THE TIME. :P
Anyway, I listened to the music... it was amazing!! It sounded like music from Lord of the Rings movies (if you've ever seen those). It was really nice. I enjoyed it! :)


Rose said...

Okay girls, thanks for commenting!

Thanks Cassie! I thought it was nice too, and congratulations on your A+!
I think that I've heard that song before...I'll have to look it up on Playlist! :)

Very nice! And, no, you don't have too much imagination! I think that was GREAT!!!:)

Yes, I do hate it when that happens! I have read the books by J.R.R. Tolken, they were interesting, but I was only 10 when I read them and didn't understand HALF of what was going on! :P (But I do know the whole plot and all the characters.)
Is that what you saw when listening to it??? Some one ought to make a tribute to Lord of the Rings and use that song! :D

Thanks girls for all the comments, I shall try and post another song on Monday.


Autumn said...

Well, I think of Narnia or some other mythical battle thing. It really could change people's emotions in a movie.But I mostly saw the men lined up, glaring at their enemy, far away across the battlefield. And then bravely charging into battle. It reminds me so much of the battle in Narnia:The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe that that kind of thing crossed my mind instantly. Couldn't be helped, I guess.