Monday, September 22, 2008

Requiem for a Dream by X-Ray Dog....

NOW I'm pleased with the comments on "Crusaders"!
Here are the results:

Blogger Rebecca Marie said...

Hi Hannah,
I am so sorry that I did not post sooner I had started but something must of happened and it get closed because I had thought I had posted but guess not.

When I listen to the song since it is about the crusaders I think of them so first I see the crusader army marching through the desert hills with there armor and banners bravely streaming in the wind yet they stagger they are very weary with the hot sun beating down on them. Then up on a hill before them the enemy appears and charges down on them. It turns into a ragging battle as one army strives with the other then quickly the battle is over the enemy had ridden off as fast as they came it was but a raid to exhaust the crusaders more and the crusaders are left to look over the dead cover them with the sand and then with grim determination march on towards Jerusalem more exhausted and sad at the loss of more of there brave comrades. Then after there long day they start to brake for camp.

Maybe I have to much imagination but that is what I see when I hear it. I am glad you put it on I really like it.
I will try to be a bit more prompt in the future with my thoughts on your songs that you have up for judging.

Your friend
Rebecca Marie

September 19, 2008 1:53 PM

Blogger Madison said...

Don't you absolutely hate it when only one person comments? I get that ALL THE TIME. :P
Anyway, I listened to the music... it was amazing!! It sounded like music from Lord of the Rings movies (if you've ever seen those). It was really nice. I enjoyed it! :)


September 19, 2008 2:19 PM

Blogger Autumn said...

Well, I think of Narnia or some other mythical battle thing. It really could change people's emotions in a movie.But I mostly saw the men lined up, glaring at their enemy, far away across the battlefield. And then bravely charging into battle. It reminds me so much of the battle in Narnia:The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe that that kind of thing crossed my mind instantly. Couldn't be helped, I guess.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah... What a powerful song!!!
This might seem funny, but I manly envisioned Queen Esther gathering the courage that she needed to stand before the king and beg for her peoples' lives.

What a great idea!
CIA- Christians In Action

September 15, 2008 8:22 PM

Blogger Joelle said...

I think that is a really cool song! I totally envision a very passionate battle. And I can definitely see myself in the movie theater getting very scared listening to this song. I really do like it!......

September 19, 2008 2:01 PM

Well, that's great! Keep 'em coming!
Okay, now, down to business; This band, X-Ray Dog, makes music for movie previews, and even though I don't particularly care for his band title, I love most of his music! My brother has asked me to post this song, "Requiem for a Dream" by these people, so here it is. Do as in the first post and scroll down to the bottom of the Playlist. This song is definitely 'battle music', and that is just one more reason why I'm not going to leave this song on here for more than a week.

One note, the movie, "Requiem for a Dream", should most certainly NOT be seen by Christian people!
I myself have not seen it and don't plan to, but I have read reviews on it, and a short summery is this:
Drug addicts and adult situations.
So please, do NOT see the movie! The music, I think is NOT worthy of the movie. My brother and I have a saying: "Bad movie, Good music!"
So, that's just a warning.

Oh, and before I forget, here's my review on "Crusaders" by Harry-Gregson Williams:
This music is a great piece, it definitely is leaned toward 'battle/action' scenes, but is also mournful in a way. The vocals at the beginning are low, therefore giving you the sad/mourning feel. As the song goes on, the vocals become higher and the drums start to kick in a bit more, giving it the 'battle/action' feel.
All in all, a VERY dramatic song (just my type!)
Hope you all enjoyed it!



Rebecca Marie said...

Hey Hannah,
Well once again I see a battle.
First you see the army lined up ready for the fight. Then the trebuchets open fire and rain stones down on the enemy. Then once the barrage by the trebuchets has ceased you see the faces of the men lined up some of the faces have fear some boldness but in all there is the knowing dread of what they must do before the day is over. Then the command is given they start there advance first slowly they march towards the opposing line then picking up speed they start coming on faster and faster till they get to full speed then the two lines clash! The fight ensues each man straggles for his life and that of his comrade beside him. The fighting is hard many are falling on both sides. Then you see the two commanders facing off what they do decides the battle, weather one side wins or the other. They swing and peary blows till finely the enemy commander is slain and the battle is over. Now if this were a movie the next thing you see would most likely be the victorious commander looking over the battle field as his men are returning from the pursuit of the fleeing enemy but that is not in the song so I shall leave the battle were it is.

I am sure if I listen to it again I would be able to come up with something els other then a battle but with that very first part all I could see was the trebuchets and the rest followed. :)

I am glad you are doing these songs I have a lot of fun trying to get images from music and then try to put the image into words.

Your crazy Texas friend

Rose said...

Thanks Rebecca!
Don't worry about seeing battles, because this song definitely suggests a battle scene, pretty much like Crusaders.

Thanks for commenting!


Savannah said...

Hey Hannah,
I liked your song the crusaders!!It reminded me of "Kingdom of Heaven",have you ever watched that??If not, it is a story about the crusaders:)
"Requiem for a Dream "
This song brings up a lot of different things...
One of the big ones to me is charging cavalry,I can imagine them charging down a hill yelling battle cries.Kinda like the Celts/Brits or have you ever read Beric the Briton by G.A.Henty? it reminds me of that or Brave heart!!
It also reminds me a little of the last battle in the Lord of the Rings return of the King:)
I like it all together though!!
Savannah the Spartans come to mined?? Or the Romens?? they kinda do for me:)

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I know that I'm a day late, but as you know, I've been QUITE busy!
I first heard this song while I was waiting at the airport on my way home from the Father and Daughter retreat after you recommended it to me. I watched that youtube clip with the start wars movie bits and now, when I hear that song I think of that youtube video. :)
CIA- Christians In Action

Rose said...

Thanks! We tried watching Kingdom of Heaven once, but it was a bit too violent for us, so we ended up turning it off. But here's an interesting fact: The song Crusaders, was actually written for that movie, but they didn't choose it, for some crazy reason. On the soundtrack from K.O.H., track two is titled Crusaders, but the music is totally different from the one that I posted on my blog.
Lord of the Rings definitely! In fact, if you go to and type in "Lord of the Rings + Requiem for a Dream", you can get some pretty neat stuff.
Brave Heart...YES! I have not seen that movie, but yes, I do think that would go with it well!
Thanks for commenting!

Yes, that song does go VERY well with Star Wars! (Like I said in my e-mail, I had forgotten that I told you about it!:P)
Oh well, thanks!


Autumn said...

Hey Hannah!
Well, since I did watch Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring (the first one) for the first time yesterday, it's kind of hard not to see anything else! All the suspense and conflict and ancient secrets finally merged into one complete battle, VERY dramatic.