Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome To the Family Liberty Belle!!! (Pt. two)

"Bark! Bark bark bark!"
I jump up from the computer chair and run to the window.
"Is she here?!"
I thought in my mind.
Running to the laundry room, I look out the back window and see through the trees a
huge white trailer parked at the top of our drive-way.
Running back to the living room, I call to my mom as I head out the door, "Mom! Liberty is here, go get dad and I'll head on up there!"
Throwing on my worn, black cow-boy boots, I ran up the drive-way to Mr. Evens, who was at the top with Liberty in her halter.
I said, and immediately started stroking Liberty's black and white coat; it was soft.
Dad and Mom soon followed, and we took Liberty into the fence, where my
crazy horse Silkie awaited impatiently. Both horses sniffed each other curiously, and then that's when the Pecking Order started:
Liberty kicked out, sending Silkie into a frenzied kicking fit.
Both horses squealed and kicked at each other until they were put in their own places. Red first, Silkie second, and sadly, Liberty last.
I walked in the fence afterward and calmed all three nervous horses down. Liberty was a bit timid, but after a while she grew calmer and more confident.
Here are some pictures of her, she is very friendly and calm, but, of course, Silkie is being bossy and won't let her in the shed.
Also, we are to breed her in the Spring, which will be a very new experience for us!
Thank you all for your prayers! (And also pray that Silkie will stop being so bossy!:)



Savannah said...

CONGRATULATE!!!Hannah:)She is so pretty!I love her color!!You are so lucky:)

Rose said...

Thanks allot Savannah!
I'm very thankful that the Lord let us have her.
At the moment she has a couple of scrapes from being kicked, but other than that, she's in real good shape!
(Just needs a little "fattening up"!:)

Thanks for the comment!


Savannah said...

oops...Congratulation:)I was trying to say:)Sorry.I agree she does look like she could use a little bit of
"Fattening Up"!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Autumn said...

Oh, Rose, I'm so happy for you!!! She is beautiful. My heart skipped a beat when I read the title. I thought, "But she told us she didn't get any of them...?" I hope Silkie does stop all of her nonsense, it's such an aggravation.


Texan by the Grace of God said...

Hey Hannah,
I am so glad you got her I hope she is a great joy to you and I hope Silkie will calm down some.

Your Crazy Texas Friend
Rebecca Marie

Robert L. said...

Congratulation indeed.
However I was posting in referenced to the archery post that you mentioned in the comment you left on my blog. I was not sure if you would see a comment posted on your older archery post you pointed me to.
Pics looked good, nice grouping of the shots. As for hints on archery I cannot say much with not seeing you shoot in person, but what I can give I will. I recommend gap shooting method. Let me try to explain that. When drawing the string line up the arrow with the before said string, this obviously to make sure your shot is straight. Then it depends on the draw weight on your bow and the range of the shot. However you will get good at guessing the gap to use after you use your bow for sometime. The "Gap" that I refer to is the space as you see it, that is between the tip of your arrow and the target. (Note there may be times that you have a zero gap.) (Note two, Sometimes I have to use such a large gap that the point of my arrow is on the ground at the foot of the target. It is a 45 pound draw.) You need to remember where you aimed the last shot and then increase or decrease the gap. Wind or defect in your bow may make you have to move a bite to the right or left to compensate. The key is remember where you aimed last. Then there is one more thing. Anchoring. There have been two way that I have seen people anchor. But before that I will tell you what I am talking about. You want to make sure you do everything the same every time you fire. So that when you do find the right spot to aim your shots will always do the same thing. So the way you stand, the way you hold your arm, and the way you draw the string, which is what Anchoring is all about, it all must be the same every time. So with that in mind you want to make sure that you draw the string to the same place every time. If not the arrow will change its path through the air every time you do not do the same thing from before. We fix this by finding a point of reference. Like said before there are two ways to do it that I will recommend. First is the way I do it. Putting my middle three fingers on the string I curl my smallest "the pinky finger" back towards my hand and out of the way. Do not use your pinky finger.The thumb I force into as much of a hook as it can under its own power. Now I am ready to draw. I bring the string back to my face lining the string up with my eye to the best of my ability. I then anchor, using my thumb, to hook under my jaw bone. (Note jaw bone not chin bone.) This will give you a good anchor, it will always be there and will not move, provided you do not talk while taking your shot. Now some people do not like hooking their thumb under their jaw, so this is what I recommend. Hold your hand as if you pretending you were talking on an imaginary phone. Again your three middle fingers hold the sting. Your thumb and pinky should be sticking out in the opposite ways. When you draw, again the sting will line up with your this point it is up to you, other people have different sizes of hands and heads. You need to find a way to have points of reference for your thumb and pinky to rest every time. Like you thumb touching the tip of your ear, and your pinky somewhere on your chin. Just make sure you know where your spots are and that you put your fingers there every time. It is not as strong of an anchor as the first but leaves the hand less firm, and when done right makes for better shots. Now I must confess. I have hardly used the second one. And only know it by observing Molly Anderson use it. And I just assumed that is how it worked. I found it hard but when done right I hit the bulls eye three times in five shots. The first way is much more sure for starters, and I think it would be the way for you, but the second way should be your goal.

Robert L.

Madison said...

Congrats Rose!! I have to say, she is definitely one of the prettiest horses I've ever seen. I love her colors!! She is gorgeous.
Hope they get used to each other!! ;)


Rose said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments!
Belle, as we are calling her, is doing great.

Thanks again!