Monday, November 3, 2008

London....Makes You Wonder....

A friend sent this to me over e-mail; she said to pass it on by sending this to other people, I have done that, and have decided to put up a post about it.

This is scary...we need to prepare ourselves for another Depression and Holocaust.

Please copy and past this to your blogs and e-mails to send to other people.


In Christ,


P.S. There are attachments at the bottom just encase you cant see the pictures.

Makes you think
Pictures from London ~ this is beyond scary...
Makes you wonder doesn't it...can you imagine having a Christian demonstration against Islam in downtown Baghdad ! View the pictures below and decide how you really feel about the future of the Western World. These pictures are of Muslims marching through the STREETS OF LONDON during their recent 'Religion of Peace Demonstration.'

Why would anyone think that we should be at war with such nice, peaceful Muslims?!
All Christians need to know. You need to forward this one to everyone!

These pictures tell it all!
Muslims have stated that England will be the first country they take over!
These are pictures not shown on American TV or in American Newspapers

(as they might help Bush's war on terror),

but were forwarded by a Canadian who thought All Christians ought to know!

Attachments: Text version of this message. (1KB)


Madison said...

Ugh. Muslims are SCARY. I have to say that. Oh, and just a thought: if they're SUCH a peaceful religion, then why on earth are they taking over countries?


Robert L. said...

"Robert...that's a good point...maybe next time at Conference I can, can, OOOOH!!! Just do something that I've been really wanting to do for the last few months!!! ;)

In Christ,

Hannah, you left this comment on Jeremy's blog in response to a comment that I left...I wanted to know what you meant by it, and what it was that you were wanting to do? I also did not want to ask you on Jeremy's blog because you had already been beating around the bush there and knew you would not answer on his blog. So do you have an explanation?

Oh and by the way...Interesting post.

Robert L.

Rose said...

Yes, Muslims are scary! :P

Ahem, it wasn't so bad that I couldn't of posted it on Jeremy's blog.
Of course, I wouldn't actually do this, but since we've been talking about my blog colors, I've been wanting to throw a bucket of pink pain on your head! :D (Na, just kidding, I wouldn't do that at all:)
No offense taken, I hope?

In Christ,

P.S. Thank you. :)

Robert L. said...

Oh. I see. No offense taken at all.

Robert L.

Rose said...

*Gives a sigh of relief*
Good, I'm glad! :)

In Christ,

P.S. Can anyone see the pictures on the "London...Makes You Wonder" post? I could see them when I first put it up, but I can't see them now! :(

Brooke said...

I can't see the pictures either. :(


Rose said...

Well, I'm sorry about that. I guess that the site that my friend got the pics. off of doesn't want them to go public.
Oh well, you probably don't want to see them's scary.

In Christ,