Friday, November 14, 2008

"Never Leave Your Partner Behind."

Fireproof--The best movie in the world!
We went to see it this afternoon down in Elkin! I really don't know what to say about it; it made my laugh, cry, whimper, cringe...It was just SO good! Sad, romantic, happy, action---that's Fireproof in a nutshell!
If you haven't seen that movie...Get out and see it! NOW!!!
*now I know why everyone was going crazy over it!*
Here's the trailer:

This is great...I can say that 10+ more! Please watch it if you haven't!

In Christ,


Rebecca said...

This really is a great movie we saw it a few weeks ago and we loved it! It is so good and so clean and can put you on the front of your seat; and even though I just about never cry in any movie I think I did in this one if not I came very very close. Any other movie I would be ashamed to say so but because of the nature of this movie I don't mind as much. I agree with Hannah and all others who have said this "you must see this movie".

Rebecca Marie

Rose said...


In Christ,

Savannah said...

I told you!!!We where soo excited when we found out that sherwood pictures was making another one!We went and watch it the fist showing and then my Dad went again with my older and younger brother because they didn't come the first time.
And guess what!They only use 5000(or something like that)to make the movie and they have made 30 million already!I know that's not as good as some movies,but that's still really good for that movie though.

Madison said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I'll probably see it sometime.
By the way, I don't know if you know, but I awarded you twice... Although you'll have to go down a couple of posts to find you awards. :)
And last of all, I DID get my first dance last Friday!! :-D I danced the Virginia Reel with my dad. :) It was a lot of fun! All the details on that are on my blog too... :P


Rose said...

My dad wasn't able to go and see it with us, so we might be going again! (I hope.:)
It was an EXCELLENT movie!
Wasn't it amazing that, at the end, Kirk Cameron actually kissed his real wife and not the actor? You never see that anymore these days!

Thanks for the comment.

You MUST see it! (All right, I won't say that again...:)
Yes, I knew that you had awarded me; I'm sorry that I didn't reply to that sooner; we've been really busy. :(
Great! I'm so glad that you go to do Virginia Reel; How did you like it?
That's my favorite one.
I'll go to your blog now.

In Christ,

Savannah said...

Oh,I know!!!When we saw him kissing the girl we were all just horrified but then when we got home and found that out we were much more satisfied!!!Isn't cool how they did the silhouette!You could hardly tell:)

brooke said...

I'm glad you liked the movie, Rose!!!