Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello, they are...the Civil War Ball pictures that quite a few of you have been dying to see.
I'm sorry that they're so blurry; there was a lot of movement and the camera wasn't cooperating. :(
Anyway, here they are:

And here's a few random ones. It snowed last week, and I went outside to take some pictures. When I stepped out into the cold, crisp air...I was suddenly Susan Pevensie in Narnia. (minus the bow, three other siblings, strange creatures, a White Witch and a roaring lion:)

Then there's always that very random picture that you just love, and have to show the world:

And then again, there's the sore foot that you cut on Sunday, propped up in a chair as you type. (Sorry about it looking so bad...but it was a bad cut. I've made it small for those with a weak stomach, so if you do want to see it, just click on the picture.) It was Sunday morning. The night before, we had gotten everything ready to go in the morning. Well, we were going to be picking up two people to take to our church, so dad had to take another car, and my sister and brother were going to ride with him. I got Rebekah in the car and was buckling her seat belt. Dad got in and started it. I quickly moved away from in between the car and wall, but as I walked away, the top of my foot caught on a big screw that was sticking out of a board laying on the floor. They went on, and I hobbled inside to go upstairs and show mom. It was bleeding really here I am with a cut in my foot, and trying not to put too much wait on it. Oh well. That's my life. :P :D

In Christ,

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Rachel M. said...

Love the pictures, Rose! :) Thank you for posting them, and of course, the gorgeous pictures of the snow.

I pray your foot feels better soon!

God bless,
Rachel M. :)

Sarah said...

Hey! I LOVE the pics of the civil war ball!!!! I did not know that the Johnsons were there!! Where do you get those types of dresses? All of them were SO pretty!! That is a pretty bad cut! yuck......... was the screw rusty? You might need a shot......... but do not listen to me, I am pretty paranoid! (spelling) lol Hope it feels better! :)


Rose said...

Thanks, and you're welcome. :) My poor ol' foot should be fine in a couple of days, but thanks for the prayers anyway. :)

Thanks! Yes, they were. I had to teach Issac how to Waltz...he didn't know how. :) Actually, I believe that they were all made by the owners. A couple of them were revised wedding dresses.
It's actually not that bad; I don't think it's too deep, but maybe just by a tiny bit. The screw wasn't rusty, thankfully, and I haven't had any signs of it being infected, so it'll probably be fine. Thanks again!

In Christ,

Marissa said...

Cool pictures!
Me and a violin ensemble that I play with played music for a civil war ball in December. I was really fun!

Wow! that is a big cut. I would call it a gash.
Hope it heals soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow Rose! Your pictures are so neat; both the ball ones and the snow fall. Did you rent the dresses you wore to the ball?
Ouch! I hope your foot feels better too!
In Christ, Michaela

Rose said...

How neat! I want to play the violin, but it sound's pretty hard, from what I heard. :)

Thanks! As far as I know, all of the dresses were maid by most of the girls who wore them. Mine was made by a friend, and she let me borrow it. :)
Thanks again!

In Christ,

Brooke said...

Thanks so much for the pictures!!!

Timeless Trinkets said...

Very pretty pictures. I especially like the ones of the snow. I pray that your foot heals quickly.
God Bless

Lucie said...

Sounds like you had a great time...I wish that it would snow in Texas. I'd love to be Susan Pevensie!!! Small chance, though. Hard as it is to believe, it was around 80 today. Boo-hoo.

I hope your foot is better soon. That does NOT look fun. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Just dropping by your blog! The picture of you out in the snow is lovely!

On your profile it says you like to write. Do you do any creative writing? I'm 16 on Friday, and I've loved writing stories ever since I was 9! =)

~Abigail in Kansas

Nate said...



Rose said...

You're welcome!

Timeless Trinkets~
Thanks, it's already feeling better. :)

80s??? Wow...that's hot for February! I hope it does snow so that you CAN be Susan...or Lucie...:)

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I do love to write. I had written one story a looooong time ago about a horse named didn't turn out too well. You see, I was crazy over Lord of the Rings, and was sort of based on that. If you don't know what Lord of the Rings is, just look it up on Wikipedia. (or Google, but I'd be careful there.) So, that didn't work, but I'm currently plotting another story, but I don't want to tell anyone yet. If I can, I'll be putting it up on my blog, if I ever do write it. :)
Anyway, thanks again!

Hi brother! Thanks!

In Christ,

Jo-snazz said...

Thanks for posting this! Are you the one in the white? It looks great.
I would say your blog gets a 9 out of ten. You write great stuff, but sometimes it doesn't load all the way and I can't read it because of the font color. Otherwise you get a ten!
I hope your foot feels better. Just from looking at the cut I would not have guessed it was just a nail. Its huge!

Rose said...

Hey Joanna!
I'm the one the light-blue dress. My hair is down, but that's probably the one you meant. :)
Great! So far, that's three 9s, one 10, and one 8. :D

My foot should be better soon, but my dog stepped on it today....:P

Thanks again!
In Christ,

Molly said...

Thanks for posting the pics!Such
B-U-T-I-F-U-L dresses!Hope your cut gets better!The pics of the snow are BEUTIFUL!!!

Oh,my new blog address is...

In Christ,


From the pics I've seen of you,you look like Susan!