Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sights, Sounds & Smells of a Saturday Morning...

I smell the yummy, fresh aroma of newly brewed coffee coming from the kitchen. I'm highly tempted by this scent to go and pour me some, in my favorite Japanese mug.
This morning, dad and I went out to work at the barn, as my brother is MIA. He went to pick up some straw for the girls and I stayed to clean the stalls. The cold air revealed my breaths in puffs of white, and I could hear the horses stamping heavy hooves outside, swishing tails, snorting. The smell of freshly opened feed drifted out from the tack room, and hay from the loft. After opening the bags of shavings to freshen each stall up, the scent of pine chips became very strong.
    Winter is dwindling away. The robins have come back, pecking around our back yard. It's so nice to hear he birds again! Tiny little red buds are edging up from the branches, but they won't bloom for quite a while yet. The air is still cold and cutting. I can't wait for Spring...lovely Spring. May is probably my favorite. I'm really, really looking forward to May....
    As Winter begins to draw to a close, I'll kinda miss my over-sized hoodies and's so nice to snuggle into one of those at the end of a cold day.

I want to go to Akita. I know that's a random thought, but, it struck me. =) I want to go to Tazawako Lake in Senboku, Akita. That would be so...ah...nice. *sighs* I'd also like to go to Tokyo, of course, and Kyoto...and yes, I know they're all hundreds of miles apart. But those are the three places I want to see! I'll have to keep wishing....

Today's been good. My animals are so cute. :) I love them so much!!!!!!!!

Always Fighting,

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