Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On and On and ON....

 On, and on, and on. Winter never seems to stop once it starts, does it?
It's your normal Monday morning...with the exception of mom in the kitchen making peanut butter cookies. Some friends are coming over for a sewing session soon. Any time now, by a glance at the clock.
Nothing too exciting has happened. Just the same old routine of life. I did, however, the other day, rearrange some things on my desk/dresser. It looks very nice now. :) I also hung up my first bulletin board, which is already covered in an array of gadgets, papers and photos that describe my personality. This was inspired by my dear friend, who has three. 0.0 (I don't think I shall be going that far!)

Max has been a total brat lately. He's testing his limits and seeing how close he can invade our personal space, and naturally, just being a little boy horse trying to intimidate.
Needless to say, he's scheduled for a visit from the vet this coming month.............
Silkie has also joined right in. She's been as much as a brat, even more, than Max. Example? She won't let Belle eat any hay and chases her out of the barn. It must be this Winter weather....it has this effect on many people, doesn't it?

Anyway...I suppose I'll go and grab a bite of cookie dough before our friends arrive. Maybe that'll cheer me up! =D

Always Fighting,

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