Monday, February 28, 2011

The Sable Quean - Last in the Redwall Series

It came a few days ago - the last in the Redwall series. It was published in October of last year, and I've been wanting it since then. When my friend told me that Brian Jacques had died, we went to the Barns and Noble website and ordered it. :) (Too bad it takes a death to make you buy the book! 0.0)

Anyway, it's very good so far - I'm enjoying it!
I was sitting on my couch today, and it was storming outside; I had my window down, so I could hear the thunder and the rain and the wind, and see my curtains billowing inward. I snuggled down and picked up my book, smiling to had been a long time since I could sit down like that and just READ! =D I really enjoyed it. :)

Always Fighting,

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