Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Vision Forum Writing Contest Winners

Well, they were announced yesterday. I predicted...I didn't win, BUT, that's OK. I'm posting my story here! Actually, I'm going to make a page called "My Writings" - you can go there and read it. :) And naturally, if I write anything else, I'll stick it up there, too.

On a different note...boy have I had a morning! (And yesterday...) Yesterday, Nathan and Dad went out to the pasture to split it with electric rope so we could wean Max easier/give the pasture a break so it can grow grass. So they get it all up...metal poles and a couple of wooden ones. Let me back up...Silkie wasn't happy about this to start with. She tipped over the new water trough we got 'cause she didn't like it. Then she kept running around the pasture showing off because she didn't like what dad and Nate were doing. Finally, after they got the fence up and pulsing, Max decided to go check it out. He goes over, touches it with his nose, NATURALLY in between pulses, so he doesn't get shocked, decides he doesn't like it, and RUNS THROUGH IT. Oh, he saw it alright. He just decided he didn't like it there, so he tore right through it, BROKE a metal pole, KNOCKED a wooden one loose that was CEMENTED into the ground, and tore the ropes up. Needless to say, he about got his rear-end kicked past the barn.
On TOP of that, they got into dad's stuff in the truck, tore up his jacket, pulled stuff out, trampled it, and then ran away before they could do anything.
      Sooo....this morning.....
We go up to the barn to feed. The sun is just rising. I notice when I enter the barn and turn on the lights that Silkie's halter is lopsided over one ear - apparently she had rubbed it into that position on something. I walk past her stall, and notice that the feed bucket is on the floor inside. Going in, I pick it up....broke. This is a rubber feed bucket that hangs on the wall with a metal bent beyond repair. And finally, this morning, Marshall escapes from the pasture...for the second time. So I had to run outside barefooted and chase him down. I put him in the confinement of the barn...we'll see what happens.
Oh, did I mention that my chicken Day is missing an eye? ...I thought I did.


                        Life must go on.....

Always Fighting (though wanting to kick her animals),

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