Friday, March 18, 2011

Busy Little Bee

Well...Max got a visit from the vet yesterday - he wasn't too happy. :S
It was......interesting, to say the least. The girl who came has been out here several times, so we know her pretty well. She didn't bring an assistant, so guess what? She asked ME to help. 0.0 Lovely. Right in on the action. :P She gave him an injection to make him drunk first, and then gave him another one to knock him out. (Which worked, might I add!) She put a towel over his eyes, and, well...I won't go into the rest. :) Needless to say, it was pretty gross! Oh well...FARM LIFE! So, I got to help. (Only a little, though - THANKFULLY!) Dad and Nathan stayed to the sidelines, of course, so it was just me and her....and the knocked out horse that was making pitiful, and I do mean, PITIFUL, noises. (My poor Max!) 
It was actually pretty funny after she had left, and mom had come up to the barn. Max was up and about, and so I went to meet them at the gate; from a distance mom goes,
"Are your hands red?"
I wave both bloody, sticky hands at her, grinning.
She responds with a heart-felt "GROSS!", while I laugh. I know, I know...I'm totally and absolutely weird!
      At any rate, he's up and about today - I'm sure he's not feeling top of the world, yet, (how would YOU feel!?) but he is running around and acting like himself. Good ol' Macomy Dee! (His nickname, for your info...)

So...not much else. This afternoon, mom and I are going downtown, and I'm gonna get my first pedicure! Okay, so it's not a big deal...but it's something new, and besides, it's good to have nice feet! ^.^
Getting ready for the Father/Daughter next well as three days before that, babysitting. My week will be PACKED. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, babysitting ALL day - Thursday through following Monday, Retreat. Yikes...
On a random note: on the way to GA, I'm hoping dad and I can stop at a Baskin Robbins! I've never been to one before - that'd be COOOOOL! =D (Sorry, I'm HYPER!)

Anyway, tootle-pip, chaps! I'll catch up with you later!
Always Fighting,

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