Monday, March 21, 2011

Day By Day Photoshoot

Yesterday at church, my friend "Jinx" (don't ask...looong story!) and I did this amazing photo shoot in the alley behind our church. The alley was perfect! White walls, the paint chipping off to reveal red bricks, and the kind of place you'd spot for a movie scene where there could be a great fist fight between two people and their friends trying to break them up...*sighs dreamily* ...Okay, yes, that was random...but it WOULD! =D =D =D
At any rate, this was GREAT. Perfect setting for a touch of drama. Jinx was for more of the "smile nicely but still look stylish" photo, but as you can see from mine...well, I was more for the "dramatic air of a heartbreaking drama" - what can I say? That's me. =) Jinx takes better photos than I do - I had to have her take MANY shots of me to find the best one. I think I was kinda distracted....if I were more relaxed, it would have been better. Here's only two of the picture - go to my photography blog for the rest! ( (I GIMPED mine - I still have to ask Jinx if she wants me to do that's why mine look different:)

Have a great day!
Always Fighting,

Isn't she CUTE!? ^.^

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