Friday, March 4, 2011

High, High Up In The Sky

....I wonder where that plane is going. 
I like watching planes. Sometimes, when I go to feed the horses in the morning, the sun is just piercing the horizon, setting fire to the clouds and outlining in hot colors the streams of a plane, glaring off of the steel surface. I crane my neck back, watching it high, high up in that huge sky. I think,
"Wow...wouldn't that be so amazing to be on a plane heading for Japan right now, this early in the morning?"
I'd love to...I really would. But sadly, lack of money, TSA scanners, and an entire ocean lay between me and it. I look at maps and think, "So far away, yet it seems so close." 
I want to go. I want to be high up in the sky on that plane...

It's so very, very high. 

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