Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on Japan

I'm sure most of you are keeping up on the aftermath of the quake and tsunami in Japan, but I want to post some stuff up here, too.

All pictures are from Fox News and the video from YouTube.

Please, please be praying for these people. This is absolutely horrible...but we know that it's the Lord's doing, and He did it for a purpose...perhaps to bring many to Him and send a wake-up call to Japan.
Please stay updated on this as much as you possibly can, and send in donations wherever possible. Fox News has a "How to Help" article, and you can go there to donate to different organizations.
   I want to be over there helping so bad, it's about to drive me crazy - but I can't. Just like lots of you can't. The most we can do is pray HARD, donate, and see if we can get more people in on this. I've started a "Prayer Chain: Japan" - Please subject your e-mails under that title and send them out fast and thick.

This is all in God's hands....He knows what He's doing, though it's so hard for us to understand. 

Don't forget those in Japan....

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