Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Woot! It's RAAAINIIIING! (And do I mean RAINING!) Sheets of rain are coming down! It's 10:50 in the morning and it looks like it's about 8:00 at night! It's dark! The wind is howling!
Last night, it was sooo cool - I was sitting in my bed with my little lamp on, reading through my journal, and listening to the wind POUNDING the side of the house. Ah! It was amazing! I really, really enjoyed it!
Mom just hollered from the kitchen, "It's NASTY!"
Yes, it is, but I love it. ^.^

I've been sketching a lot lately - last night, while we watched an old movie called "Attack", I grabbed my book and sketched my old time ninja friend, "Snake Eyes". (He's very important to me, you know...)
It turned out very well, if I do say so myself!

Today I believe I shall sketch some more, read, play thunder-centered themes on my keyboard, and putter about my room. I love my room! It's like my own little house that I'm in charge of. And, to my d-lite, I'll be hearing from my best friend this afternoon, and another dear one from far away!

This morning, Nathan and I went to take care of the horses in this horrifically wonderful storm, and after we were done with that, we danced in the rain. (Well, at least I did...Nathan SPLASHED in the rain...) It was sooo fun! Especially since I had that dream the other night where I really DID get to dance in the rain! It was GREAT! God is so good - Life is good! I'm haaaappppyyy!!!!! *bounce bounce*

Well, I'm off. I'm gonna grab me some coffee, since I was NOT a coffee prince this morning in getting it first thing, and then I'm going to go in my room and adore the rain.

Tootle pip, chaps!
Always Fighting,

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