Friday, April 15, 2011

My Friend

Friends are awesome. I mean - REALLY. Have you ever thought about it? 
I have so many types of friends. One is my absolute Best, and we do everything. Another, like this girl up here, I don't get to see often, just like my Best, but we have stayed close, even after all this time! We talk about horses, amazing music, how it's awesome to capture the "paintings by God" in our pictures. Others are just general chatting - yet others, I am blessed to be a light to. The girls that I know that are hurting and need help. That I can pray with them and read Psalms with them for almost an hour and a half on the phone, because we're so far away! 
I love, LOVE my friends. Another of my friends told me, as we were discussing "Best Friends", is that even though you only have ONE, TRUE "Best Friend", you have a ton of other friends - and just because you have a "Best Friend" doesn't mean you dislike the others. You have a certain amount of love for ALL of your friends - you may have a greater amount for one over the other, but that in no way means that you don't love that person! 

Friends are amazing. True friends are the song in your heart. 

To all of my friends - I! LOVE! YOU! 
(And the picture credit goes to my sweet little friend who took it!)

Always Fighting,
 Here's a funny video of me and my friend doing double sit ups. It was actually pretty funny!

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