Monday, May 23, 2011

The Author

Photo Credit: Off of Google Images - credits go to the photographer
Every day is a page in the Book of Life.
Every moment is another scene described. The ultimate story.
Everything is the very description of emotion that no movie could ever capture.
The perfect bliss, morbid essence of horror, the most disastrous tragedy...the most hurtful tears. ...The best drama ever written.
That's what life is. Every second, a letter. Every moment, a sentence. Every hour, a scene. Every day... a page.  Every life - a book.
Some pages are torn and wrinkled. Others are the most crisp, clean space ever imagined. Some are straight, but have ink blotches all over them. And still others are written with such vigor and emotion that they can barely be read for the stains and scribbles. Then there's the ones that are sincere, neat, straight. Those with little emotion are always present. Yet, those with happy excitement flourish as well.
Each day is a page - each life is a book.
The Author knows how to write - and at the end of the day, we can go back through the continuous book and read the chapter. It may make us cry - it may make us laugh...but we're not the Author. We respond to what He's written.
Drama, comedy, horror, suspense, romance... it's all there.

Each day is a page - each book is a life. 
How will yours unfold?

Always Fighting,


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!! =D Please if you know anyone who likes horses let them know about my blog! =D
Thanks again!
Ruby x

Argentia Krystofel said...

So beautiful...I love your writing style. XD It's just a really thoughtful way of writing, yet it doesn't make me depressed or anything...just very thoughtful and makes me feel...less stressed.


Hannah Leigh said...

Hey! Thanks, Jinx! -.^
I'm glad you like my writing style...I love making it...sound a little like this:
"Tonight...sucha, beautiful night...goodnight."
=D THAT'S my kind of writing style!!!

Love you!
Always Fighting,