Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yes, I'm thoughtful...again. ^.^
I moved my couch out from under my bed, and put a rocking chair under it - I love it! It's so pretttty! My little heaven. I love it.
I've been spending a lot of time in my room lately. I love my room. I draw, I sing, I dance, I imagine. ...I dream.
It's like my own little house. I love to keep it clean, tidy, and organized.

I was sitting in my chair earlier today, looking out the open window, hearing distant thunder, watching the curtains billow, and, well...thinking. (Imagine that....)
I'm happy for who I am. Sometimes I hate myself, and other times - I'm so happy for who God made me to be. My quirks, my insanities. My love of life. Here's one thing about me that a lot of people don't understand: when I love, I go all in. When I love someone, it's with all of me. That's why I'm usually a pretty hyper person. I'm always around people I love - even if I call them - and I'm that way because, well...I'm all in.
I love God. I'm all in.
I love my family. I'm all in.
I love life. I'm all in.
I love my friends. I'm all in.
I love praying. I'm all in.
I love Japan and Korea. I'm all in.
I love drawing. I'm all in.
I love storms. I'm all in.
I love dreams. I'm all in.

I'm all in on so many things. And I'm a happy girl. A lot of people misunderstand me because they don't quite get my huge heart. ...that's okay, I suppose. I get frustrated when they don't, and think later, "Why can't everyone just have a big heart like me!?" Well, if everyone were like me...the world would be a pretty boring place.
I'm happy because I'm me. I'm me no matter what anyone says. I'm the way God made me. My heart will always be huge - even if it does get cracks in it. I. Am. Me.
I'm silly, I'm ditsy, I'm hyper, I'm dramatic - I'm a 16 year old girl with huge dreams - HUGE dreams! Massive dreams that I think will come true! I'm an emotional train wreck at times - but hey! That's me! My name is Hannah Leigh - AND I AM ME!
I love life! I love God! I love my family! I love my best friend! I LOVE!
I'm me!
 Happiness, sadness, tears...
Skies, stars...
All in, my heaven.

Always Fighting,


Argentia Krystofel said...

I love that you're-you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! We don't know each other, but I like reading your blog. I just wanted to say that the stuff you wrote about your room reminded me of the song "In My Room" by the Beach Boys, which I think is a really pretty song. Have you heard it?

Hannah Leigh said...

Anonymous -
Hello! Thanks for stopping by!
I have not heard that song, though I'll check it out later.
Could you please tell me your name? I would rather you post by a name. :)

Thanks again! Live in Him!