Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful Days

I went for a walk this morning and had a very excellent time. I was by myself, walking along the gravel road, singing quietly, enjoying the sun and warm summer breeze. Very nice, indeed.
I enjoyed it very much. ^.^

Life is good lately. I've got the week to get my things done, do my school, enjoy my hobbies, and on Saturdays, I get to enjoy random conversations with my best friend. On Sundays, I get to worship God and visit my friends.
The things I love about the week are waking up first thing in the morning, laying there still for a few minutes, listening to the song that my CD player decided to wake me up with. The room is dimly lit, and my white, slightly transparent curtains give the room and fresh glow. Then I enjoy - LOVE coming into the kitchen to pour steaming coffee into my favorite Japanese mug. I watch the creamer make swirls as I stir it in, and then go into my room, turn on a couple of lamps, and sit in my rocking chair. I read my Bible and pray for all of the people in my head, and sip at my coffee along the way. That's my favorite part of every morning.
Being on schedule can be hectic and stressing, but when you look back on it, it's actually very nice. I get my school done, and then get to do my favorite things. I get to draw black and white portraits of my favorite people, horses and places. I get to create random things that pop into my head. I get to reorganize and design my room. All sorts of things.
Every other day, in the evenings, I get the opportunity to support and encourage one of my dear friends. Not only do I get my physical workout throughout the day, but I get my spiritual workout by helping others.
I get to spend the whole week with my family, and some pretty hilarious meal times when dad comes up from work. It's great when he's in a good mood - you can't stop laughing. ^.^
On Saturdays, I always look forward to some sort of random, hilarious conversation with my best friend. She makes me smile constantly... especially with her "Spock" impersonation...
("Because I looove her...") ^.^ ^.^ And no, if you haven't seen the "Stark Trek" Bloopers... you won't get that! :D
And on Sundays, sometimes stressful but always worth it, I get to enjoy church and friends. And there my week starts over.

The days are beautiful, and the time short. Dance in the rain, and always try smiling.

- Hannah

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