Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ghostly Nights

Last night, was a beautiful night.
I took that picture of the moon, and was inspired beyond belief to create it into a haunting picture. The yellow moon was just rising, and fog was creeping over it. Something hauntingly romantic was rising. Something that makes your heart cry.
And it did.
I stood out on the back deck, in the cold, in the dark, eyes fixed on that glowing orb.
I'll be there.
I whispered it under my breath, my heart wanting to cry, but tears never came. I watched, I listened.
I'll be there.
So far away... but, I'll be there.
Where you at? You've just got to let me know where you're at.

I'll be there... I'll hold your hand. I'll brush the tears from your face.
Baby, don't cry.

- Hannah

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