Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just a Feeling

Yes! I just ran out into the rain! I had a childish moment, and this was it!
It started pouring, and mom and I were on the front porch, and I'm like,
"I'm gonna do it - I'm gonna run out into the rain!"
"Oh, no you're not!"
"Why? One good reason!"
"Because - you'll be wet!"
I grinned.
"That's the whole point!" And I leaped off of the porch into the rain! It was freezing, but absolutely magnificent! AH! I danced, I ran, and I sang -
"I wanna walk with you, dance with you, do everything with you, run around in the rain with you, every day now only you!"
It was wonderful! I splashed in the puddles and ran through the grass. Mom took these pictures - forever captured!

I'm still wet, in fact. I changed into dry clothes, but my hair is still wet...
It's just a feeling. Just a wonderful, amazing feeling.
Take it slow.
It's just a feeling, and it's got me singing 'yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah' - because it's just a feeling!

FIGHTING!!!! *collapses into a happy heap*
- Hannah


Farmgirl said...

lol,ah I love those moments...

I'm 16,but I still love to dance in the rain!

Anonymous said...

I love running in the rain!! =D no way i'd be doing that at this time of the year though!!
Ruby x