Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Big Day!

Tomorrow I go on my outing with mom - I'm excited!
Getting up at 5:30 to the sound of a digital bounce, and I'm going to enjoy myself immensely!
YES! This is going to be great - a day at the Mall on a shopping spree!

Today's been pretty chaotic - not quite one of those days where everything you touch (or look at!) is against you. Not quite. But, almost. :)

Last night I had an absolutely blissful dream... I woke up sad, though, because it wasn't real. It was a fun dream, and I remember laughing a lot because of the antics of the persons within. I was with my friends, friends in my dream, and I'd hug them, and it was so real. (Sticky sweat and all!) ^.^ Don't you just adore dreams like that? They're wonderful.

God is very good to me. I'm having to trust Him a lot lately. With friends, with family, with life. The other night I received a phone call at 1:00 AM from a friend in need. Even though it was so early in the morning, I was happy she called me - God was giving me a chance to talk to her. I prayed with her, and though we couldn't talk long because of the late hour, I called her first thing in the morning to discuss things with her.
God has called me to huge things - well, they're huge to me. Sometimes I don't know if I can live up to them. But it says in the Bible that He won't give us any more than we can handle. What a Lord we serve!
Once, my Best Friend wrote to me about how she felt overwhelmed, and that she saw things as being far to much she could handle, and then she said,
"I'll just have to raise - no - jump the bar that He's set for me."
It's very true. It's never too high to jump.
This is why we should always talk to Him, to know just how high He wants us to jump.

I was talking to a friend once, and I was telling her to "Pray in the morning! Pray in the evening! Pray throughout the day!" Her answer was one that I really never thought people asked: "How do I do that?" It puzzled me for a minute. How do you pray throughout the day? I searched for words, and remembered an example in a book I read - for instance: I pray while I'm washing dishes. What better time! I'm the one scrubbing scum from the plates, and I remember that Christ scrubbed the scum from me. I pray, I thank him! I pray throughout the day - especially when I have a quiet moment to myself. While I'm brushing my teeth in the morning, I'm looking at myself in the mirror, and I see who God created me to be - I pray.
And there's people I pray for. Real people, even if they seem so far away and distant. They're there, and I pray for them. My Best Friend, in a book she was writing, had a scene where the female character was kidnapped by an assassin - he was young, even handsome, but her life was in danger. As the Chevy Avalanche sped down cold roads, taking her farther from everything she knew, hands still tied, she looked over at him from the passenger seat, seeing his set face, deep eyes, all eerily handsome, and this is what happened, in a few simple words, this is what happened:
"Something struck her, something she had to do; she felt God prompting her, and as strange as it was, she obeyed. She closed her eyes, and began to pray for him."
After a very long, complicated plot line, in the end, her prayers were answered.
Somehow, my life seems to go along those lines. No, I haven't been kidnapped by an assassin, ^.^ but the quote is how it goes. This happens to me all of the time; especially with some people I know.

And yes, it's all, in a complicated plot line.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, pray. 

- Hannah


Ruby said...

That was such a lovely post! :)

Hope you have an awesome shopping spree!!!
What's the mall? Is it like a big shopping place or something?
O'h by the way, how are your gorgeous horses going? :)

Ruby x

Hannah Leigh said...

Ruby -
Hi! Thank you so much; I was in a thoughtful mood. ^.^
Yes, a mall is like a really big shopping center, with lots of stores, usually all in one building. The one we go to has two stories! We only get to go once a year on my Birthday, so, this is a big treat!
My horses are doing wonderfully. I actually went up there at 5:30 this morning to give them hay, and enjoyed petting their soft faces. I'll try to post pictures soon!

Thanks for the comment!
- Hannah

Ruby said...

That sounds really cool! So it's like our Myers over here in Australia then :) I am going shopping tomorrow, not for my self but the spoilt horse instead :) Planing to get her a new bridle,saddle cloth,and brush boots (just in time for the Show Jump season) so yeah, very spoilt horse, but hey, the the equestrian sport is very costly! But I love it!! =D Glad your horses are going well, yeah please put pic's up of them!! =D By the way, your a really good photographer! Wish i was that good! :)
Stop by my blog some time!
Ruby x