Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tiny Life

Have you ever wondered about life? Look how tiny these two are...
This is a nest that's built in the rafters of our barn; it's amazing to watch the mama take care of them. They're so cute. ^.^

Life has been amazing lately. I love my family. Everyone has ups and downs... but I love my family. They're pretty crazy... just like me. =D
We've been pretty busy, so I'm sorry about not publishing often - we've just got a lot going on. This week, mom and I are going on our outing to the mall - YES! I'm so excited! We're going to have a great time. I can't believe this month I'll be 17! DAH! 0.0 But... life is good.

God is amazing - He's always faithful. I've been thinking about Him a lot lately.
In the mornings, I've been fetching me a mug of hot coffee, and sitting in my rocking chair, back and forth, back and forth, looking at the floor, thinking, praying. I've got so many people I'm praying for... it almost hurts my head! (In a good way, of course...)
And I know that He is always faithful - so, who can I fear, exactly?
Praise His name! Don't let the day begin without it, and don't let it end without it!

- Hannah

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